When I was 16 years old, I failed my driver’s test the first time around because I RAN A STOP SIGN!


Within the first two minutes of my driving test, as the DMV examiner stared out the front windshield of my dad’s green Mercury Marquis, she lifelessly uttered, “Cynthia, at the next intersection, turn left.” Like an eager to please chihuahua, I did EXACTLY what she told me to do. However, my nerves took over, and I was so committed to obeying her that I disobeyed the law.


My driving test was over pretty much as soon as it started.

So what did I do? I did what you probably would have done. I went back to the DMV the next week (this time, with my head screwed on a little straighter), took the test again, and passed it.

The other day, I was out taking a walk and noticed this STOP sign. It got me thinking about this story and then on to reflecting the times in my life where I (thought) I failed and I DID let it STOP me.

Here’s the deal…

Too often when things don’t work out according to our plans – whether it’s with a diet, a marriage, a project, or a dream, we STOP ourselves by making that experience mean something ugly about us that usually comes in the form of: I’m just not _____________ enough to get what I want.

We give up.

I’ve come to invite my clients to look at “failures” like I do now….as “information.” That’s all. “Information.” It’s always that “information” that informs us of what we DO need to do next (or STOP doing) in order to GET what we want. Meaning: failure is often a NECESSARY part of our life process.

If you resonate with this — and there’s an experience in your past that you’re letting STOP you from moving toward what you REALLY want, what’s one thing you could do today, my friend, to get behind that steering wheel and on the road again? You AND your dreams are worth it. Don’t let anything STOP you.

Love you. xoxo