Here I am standing in line at one of my favorite eateries… CHIPOTLE! I love consuming healthy organic food – so a Chipotle veggie burrito bowl with (a double order of) black beans, lettuce, corn, and of course, GUACOMOLE is one of my favorite things.

As I was standing in line looking at the menu, it got me thinking…

When it comes to life, we can’t always choose what’s on the menu or what life serves up.

Like yesterday, for instance – my honey, Chip, in the midst of his fanatical Halloween hype, laid a big fake hairy rat on my bathroom floor hoping to give me a good scare. He succeeded. (Now, much to my satisfaction, as a result of my blood curdling screams, he’s lost 30% of his hearing in his left ear.)

Okay, back to Chipotle. (Wait. I think I just discovered a new appetite suppressant: combining Chipotle and big fake hairy rats in the same post. I know. Gross. ? But, hang with me here for a few moments more…)

As I was standing in line at Chipotle, I looked up at the menu on the wall, and noticed this:

Burrito Bowl: served in a bowl with your CHOICE of….

Crispy Corn Tacos: three crispy corn shells with your CHOICE of….

Soft Flour Tacos: three soft flour tortillas with your CHOICE of…

Again, as I looked at the menu, it got me thinking, we don’t always have a choice as to what life serves up, BUT WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO WHAT WE DIGEST.

See, we become what we CONSUME. If you feel like your life is in a “good place†or a “bad placeâ€, it all comes down to what you’re CHOOSING to focus on, the SPIN you’re putting on your situation, or what you’re making your circumstances MEAN about you. Given the CHOICE you make, you’ll either become a victim of your circumstances or the victor of your circumstances.

Question: In the Burrito Bowl of your life, what are YOU choosing to consume?

PS: Don’t tell Chip, but there’s a big fake hairy rat in the glove compartment of his car.