What do you get when you cross a squirrel with a sunflower?

Well, some years ago (THANKS TO SOME SQUIRRELS who were really tickin’ me off), I was reminded that sometimes when life seems to be falling APART, something unexpected may be falling TOGETHER.

See, one of my besties, Lisa​, is a big bird lover. (No, not a lover of BIG BIRD from “Sesame Streetâ€. [Well, knowing her, she may be.] Rather, she just LOVES BIRDS.)

One day I was seated by the bay window in her kitchen- and outside the window was a cafeteria of bird feeders. I watched in awe as all these sweet birdies were feasting on the smorgasbord of seeds she’d left for them.

So much preciousness.

I decided that I HAD to recreate the experience at my own house. But without a bay window, I decided to put a bowl of sunflower seeds (I know, I’m not very high tech) out on my front porch. But no birds came. (Cue: sad trombone.)

INSTEAD……morning after morning after morning, I’d walk out on the porch, and (re)discover that during the night, squirrels had devoured the seeds and left a mighty mess EVERYWHERE. So morning after morning after morning, I swept up what was left of the abused seeds.

(Oh, I was so ticked at those varmints!)

My precious plans to create my very own bird sanctuary had plummeted.

Cut to a few weeks later, I pulled into my driveway after coming home from a vacation. I got out of my car to find that, low and behold, there were 3 GORGEOUS and GINORMOUS sunflowers blooming in a big and bright way for the world to see – right by my front porch. (Obviously, in the midst of making a mess, those squirrels had accidentally PLANTED some of those sunflower seeds. ?)

I DID NOT PLAN ON THAT!  I busted out laughing – and I left the sunflowers there to bloom in all their glory!

Squirrels? I LOVE the little buggers now. And since then,  sunflowers have always held a special place in my heart as well.

Words of Wisdom: When things seem to be falling apart, it’s always possible that seeds are being planted for something new and beautiful to sprout.

Now, it’s your turn. ? Can you recall a time in your life when life felt like it was falling apart, but in hindsight, there was something beautiful or meaningful FALLING TOGETHER?