Last week,  I made a very early morning run to Starbucks.

They were closed.

In the middle of the night, someone had broken the glass in the front door. The door was boarded up, and there was a sign taped on it that read, “Sorry, we are not open today due to unfortunate circumstances.”


It got me thinking. How many of us are boarded up and not open due to “unfortunate circumstances”? Maybe a relationship didn’t work out the way that we wanted it to and now we’re “guarded,” swearing we’re never going to put ourselves “out there” and risk getting hurt again. Perhaps a project that we poured our heart and soul into went belly up, and we’re telling ourselves that our dream just isn’t meant to be, making up our minds not to try again.

As I walked up to Starbucks, a rep from the company was there. I expressed to him how sorry I was this had happened. While both of us peered through the window at all the  shattered chunks of glass on the store floor, he turned to me and said, “It’s okay. We’ll clean up the glass and be open again tomorrow.”

Question: Where are there broken chunks of glass laying on the floor of your life? How much lighter would you feel if you cleaned them up? What might be possible if you were no longer boarded up due to unfortunate circumstances and open again for business?