Do you think busyness is cool?

If so, I totally get it.

We live in a culture that preaches that our productivity and achievements define our value.

We all want to be valued, don’t we?

It feels good.

But between you and me, how does all that non-stop hustling, proving, pushing, and chasing in the name of producing and achieving REALLY feel?

Even a car will lose its power if you don’t stop and refuel it.

As humans, we function in the same way.

When we “take a breather,” that pause in our day is not without energy. Have you ever noticed that your best ideas occur while you’re doing some routine activity like driving or showering? That’s because our conscious mind is the analyzer and our unconscious mind is the problem solver. So in order to truly tap into our zone of genius, we need to use more of our unconscious mind.

By stopping the busyness and gracing ourselves with the opportunity to tune into that still small voice inside us, we give ourselves the opportunity to reconnect with the most important relationship in our life: the relationship with ourselves.

It’s where we silence the outside pressures and expectations and recalibrate our thoughts, actions and energy in a direction that is aligned with the real truth of who we are, what we want, and how we want to feel.

It’s where we stop giving, and open ourselves to receiving inspiration that comes in the form of a-ha moments, self-reflection, creative ideas, problem-solving, and breakthroughs.

That’s how we develop into great leaders, experience the epiphanies that lead us to our true destiny, uncover our one of a kind talents, muster up the strength to do what others say can’t be done, unearth how we can make our own unique difference in the world, and achieve the balance we need to be the best we can be for ourselves and the people we care about the most.

Stillness is where we discover that we already have everything we need – that WE ARE ENOUGH JUST THE WAY WE ARE.

And that’s really COOL!