It’s never too late to create a brand spankin’ new bold beginning! 

 Stuck in a rut? Disappointed by an outcome? Your current circumstances, no matter how frustrating they may be, are the springboard for creating a new YOU and a new LIFE that’s more magnificent than anything you could have previously imagined. Not sure how to do it or where to start? Fasten your seat belt. I’ll show you the way.

Is an Inner Glass Ceiling Holding You Back?

Yesterday, I attended a dance event where I watched one my clients revive a dancing career she left behind a decade ago. She was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!! I knew how much the moment meant to her – and today, I’m still over Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune happy for... read more

What’s Stopping You?

When I was 16 years old, I failed my driver’s test the first time around because I RAN A STOP SIGN! Doh! Within the first two minutes of my driving test, as the DMV examiner stared out the front windshield of my dad’s green Mercury Marquis, she lifelessly... read more

One of the Biggest Ways We Keep Ourselves Stuck

I’m not a natural redhead. (I know. *GASP!* Ha!) I have no shame about admitting it. (Hence, the selfie [pictured here] of me with my freshly dyed hair. LOL.) But this post isn’t just about my hair. Instead, it’s about something else entirely. How many of us... read more

Are You “Not Open Due to Unfortunate Circumstances”?

Last week,  I made a very early morning run to Starbucks. They were closed. In the middle of the night, someone had broken the glass in the front door. The door was boarded up, and there was a sign taped on it that read, “Sorry, we are not open today due to... read more

Why Stillness is the New Cool

Do you think busyness is cool? If so, I totally get it. We live in a culture that preaches that our productivity and achievements define our value. We all want to be valued, don’t we? It feels good. But between you and me, how does all that non-stop hustling,... read more