It’s never too late to create a brand spankin’ new bold beginning! 

 Stuck in a rut? Disappointed by an outcome? Your current circumstances, no matter how frustrating they may be, are the springboard for creating a new YOU and a new LIFE that’s more magnificent than anything you could have previously imagined. Not sure how to do it or where to start? Fasten your seat belt. I’ll show you the way.

Disappointed? A Tip for Moving On

Many years ago, I was fired from a job. When it happened, my every waking moment was so consumed with my thoughts of disbelief, betrayal, disappointment and rage, telling the story of what had occurred felt like a necessary, therapeutic – even sacred release. So I... read more

How to Keep Your Cool in a Heated Situation

Have you ever experienced the anxiety that comes with going into a situation, whether it be with a friend, boss, co-worker, romantic partner or family member — knowing things have the potential to “get ugly?” Several years ago, I was on edge about spending time... read more

Unlock Your Problem Solving Superpowers

Have you ever noticed that you come up with some of your best ideas (and even discover solutions to problems) while in the shower, on the stair master, driving down the freeway, washing dishes,  pulling weeds in the garden, or while you’re on vacation? At one... read more